Procurement Services

Smartage provides innovative procurement services, both domestic and foreign, typically for large multinational corporations who are looking to optimise procurement processes.

Typically a pain point for many corporations is the management of multiple local/foreign bought out items which are relatively low value, and which are required for completion of a high value ‘core’ product order. Similarly, annual maintenance contracts taken up by large companies also place a large burden on small internal procurement teams which are typically geared for infrequent high value procurements and not frequent smaller purchases.

Smartage offers end to end solutions for outsourcing these procurement activities, including international and domestic logistics and warehousing, for such requirements, with flexible options. Coordination for returns of faulty items and reverse logistics is another pain area which is handled by Smartage. The above services can be offered on a buy-sell model with inventory in the books of Smartage, or on a ‘service only’ model where Smartage will act on behalf of the client. Smartage is also able to extend our services to create dedicated B2B e-commerce portals for customers of our clients who can then place orders for spares/consumables/common items with automatic triggering of purchase cycles based on pre-configured logic.

The key differentiator is Smartage software which can be pre-configured with the list of all vendors, items, preferred supplier, dynamic item pricing, minimum stock levels, such that every requirement is strictly executed on the system as per the laid down process. This system is also capable of integrating with existing ERPs of vendors and customers to auto-trigger certain processes. Depending on the scope of work the following can be undertaken by Smartage:

  • Placing of Purchase orders on pre defined vendors as per the defined policy
  • Coordination with vendors for meeting the required delivery dates
  • Coordination of logistics (domestic/international) from origin to destination
  • Management of inventory at the warehouse
  • Invoicing and GST e-waybill generation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Reverse logistics for faulty items
  • Detailed reports (particularly for warranty spares)
  • Payments to vendors and recovery from client
  • Optimise supply chain costs for procurements and suggest other improvements like sourcing from countries with duty benefits and FTAs
  • Utilise free trade & warehouse zones (FTWZ) for duty free warehousing with ability to consolidate duty payments
  • Setting up dedicated B2B ‘e-commerce’ portals for your customers to trigger orders directly on a self-service model thereby reducing the transaction cost, for example for common spares and consumables.

Pricing for procurement services is simple and transparent and scalable to meet your requirements

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