:: Our GRP Tanks are Certified by WRAS UK for suitability with water.

India is not a water scarce country and ranks among the top ten water rich countries in the world according to data from World Resources 2000-2001 (World Resources Institute, 2000).

However clean drinking water is a scarce commodity in India.

The safe & leak proof storage of clean potable water for drinking & industrial use is of utmost importance as it is a scarce commodity.

For clean water storage concrete and steel sectional tanks have been widely used in applications such as Municipal water supply, housing complexes, buildings, hospitals, rural water supply, industries, and other facilities. The use of concrete and steel, however, has their own certain inherent disadvantages.

Steel tanks corrode very easily - particularly in coastal environments and therefore the tanks must be repainted periodically. Above problems can be avoided by using GRP tanks, which provide very uniform, strong and stable construction.

Feature RCC Tanks GRP Tanks
Design & Construction Flexibility No Yes
Short delivery & installation time No Yes
Easy maintenance No Yes
Leakage problems Yes No
Wide acceptability in advanced countries No Yes
Suitability for earthquake prone zones No Yes
Cost effective ? Yes
Modular construction No Yes

While considerable amounts are invested in water treatment technology for obtaining pure & clean water, very little is done to store it in the same condition. However with advent of GRP tanks, it is now possible to store water in the cleanest form.

The GRP tanks are manufactured by Potaglas Tank Sdn Bhd's(Malaysia) from Glassfibre/Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (GRP/FRP) panels.

Potaglas Tank Sdn Bhd manufactures POTAGLAS® GRP panels, as per the technology from Bridgestone Corporation of Japan, using the technically advanced Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) production method. POTAGLAS´┐Ż GRP panels produced using SMC, are dimensionally accurate, uniformly strong and extremely durable under all weather conditions.

These GRP tanks are supplied & installed by Smartage Projects P. Ltd in India.